Motus Terrae – Centre for Arts in Public Space

A core of artistic creation

Motus Terrae was founded in 2008 and functions as a civil non-profit organization. Its main field of action is public space (site-specific performances, interventions in public space, street shows and more). The basic axis of our activities is the use of artistic practices as a medium to meeting our co-citizens and their engagement in the creative process through workshops and collaborative actions. Motus Terrae has been active in Elefsina since 2009 and implements various projects with the Municipality’s support. Has participated in international projects and collaborated with the Greek Ministry of Culture and other municipalities in longterm partnerships. During a period from 2014-17, expanding the spectrum of its activities, Motus Terrae was based in Elefsina, where the first steps were made to founding the Centre for Arts in Public Space.

Considering public space as the most important fusion field of modern society, the Centre functions mainly as a meeting point, literally and metaphorically as well. An ever-evolving pole of research and creation, connecting local dynamics, not only between them, but with the creative process as well.

The Centre is aiming to:

– Creating new bonds between artistic innovation, culture and local dynamics through collaborative processes.
– Promoting public dialogue and engaging the citizens into issues regarding public space
– Bringing to surface and documenting the contemporary local narratives that shape the city’s image