workshops & seminars

«Creating a common ground»

Motus Terrae proposes long and short term workshops on physical theatre, acrobatic techniques and on creating public space performances. The aim of the educational process does not conclude in the transmission of knowledge, but goes further on. We consider the learning process to be a reciprocal one and we promote the creation of these circumstances that will help all participants to exchange their experience in a creative way.

The workshops are addressed not only to professionals in the performing arts domain, but also to amateurs, young creators and children. Many of these workshops take place in public space, depending on the given object of training. For each workshop Motus Terrae will provide all necessary safety equipment.

The Beit Project – Nomadic School of European Remembrance in Athens

The Nomadic school of European Remembrance The Nomadic school of European Remembrance responds to the need to create a dialogue…

acrobatics & physical theatre

Training on acrobatic techniques (stilts, aerial acrobatics and more) and on physical theatre.