A Story… At The Foot Of The Ladder

A play based on Henry Miller’s short novel «A smile at the foot of the ladder».

The story of a clown. The story of Auguste. Excerpts of memory of a life on and off-stage. The clown’s preparation. His entrance on stage. The contact with the world. The contact with his world. Comic gags of the past, of the present and… a dream. The eternal ladder… The fall… where stage and backstage become one…
«A Story… At The Foot Of The Ladder» is the first attempt on researching the theatrical aspect of the clown figure and on how it would be expressed on stage. Main axis of the performance is the three levels of ‘acting’, the performer – the performer who interprets a role – the role who plays the clown.

Having explored classical theatre, as well as physical theatre, dance and circus disciplines, for this creation Motus Terrae combines various performing arts elements. Theatrical text, the set and the plot, elements of classical theatre meet with clown techniques, special effects and acrobatics.
It was presented at Epi Kolono theatre (Athens), on February – March 2007.

Concept – Direction:
Spyros Andreopoulos

Set design – Construction:
Dimitris Kapetanakos

Original score – Sound design:
Alexis Ioannou

Light design:
Giannis Konstantakopoulos

Spyros Andreopoulos

Periklis Asimakopoulos