What does it take really, to ensure one’s mental health…? How to confront the crazy rhythm imposed by a suffocating city…? And what does «relaxation» mean after all…? These are just a few of the questions tormenting the soul (and the body) of a contemporary clown…

After «A Story… At The Foot Of The Ladder» and «Aevum 1.1» Motus Terrae continues the research on the theatrical clown figure with «anti-stress».

Concept: Spyros Andreopoulos
Direction – dramaturgy – text: Aggeliki Matopoulou & S. Andreopoulos
Sound design: Leftheris Eleftheriou
Light design: Giannis Konstantakopoulos
Costumes & props design – Construction: Konstantinos Gougounis

Performer: Spyros Andreopoulos