Atlas of Transitions – Monuments of Conflict & Convergence phase 3

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic’s second wave, Motus Terrae is working on the finalization of the Monuments of Conflict & Convergence project. Due to the recurrent lockdowns and the continuous restrictions of the last period, the large scale, live performance’s production, originally conceived to take place in the public space of Lavrio, has been rendered impossible. Nevertheless, in an attempt to communicate the content of the whole endeavour, Motus Terrae’s team is preparing a short film, a simulation of shorts, through which the viewers will get to know the concept and the creative process and meet the local people involved in the project.

The first phase of Monuments of Conflict & Convergence project consisted of a series of meetings and working sessions with the participation of students of NTUA’s School of Architecture and local citizens. A large team of almost 30 people worked on researching specific neighbourhoods and places in Lavrio, by mapping, not the spaces as usual, but the people’s narrations on their migrant history. Then, during the second phase, Motus Terrae’s team, along with the University teachers, collaborated with the local group to imagine and give form to what could be called Lavrio’s contemporary monuments, reflecting the city’s current state regarding social issues and the way its people perceive them.

Stay tuned to discover how the site-specific creation would actually invest the city’s public space, if only things were a bit different…