«Polis – Gender: Feminine»

(Polis: ‘city’ in Greek)

A city, as in a woman’s life, will make her first steps, will look for her origins, her past, she will grow… She will struggle to evolve, she will confront her surroundings, she will seek love and peace… in her effort to communicate she will embrace all elements constituting her existence… in order to reach her final destination…

A guide-like figure invites us to follow the steps of a woman. While walking her path, through a sequence of living images, we are following, literally and metaphorically, the course that the city, as a living organism, is tracing through time and space.

«Polis – Gender: Feminine» is a site specific performance, created in 2009, within the frame of Artlocus project, funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture, under the artistic direction of Ms Helena Vogli.

It was presented in five different versions, at five different locations around Greece. At, the Old Oil-Soap Factory (Elefsina), Former Russian Naval Station (Poros Island)Kapodistria’s Barracks (Argos), Old Wine Factory (Epitalio) and the Old Aqueduct (Island of Cythera). In each version the performance would be rebuilt anew, based on the new elements of the site. That fact permitted us to endorse the participation of local people in the performance in various ways.

Local Participation:

in Elefsina:

– Mr. Panagiotis (Bulldozer driver)

in Argos:

– the bulgarian children that participated in our graffiti workshop
– the Argos Boy Scouts team
– «Fil…ippoi» equestrian club
– Mr. Paris Vasilakos (Photographer)
– Mr. George (Bulldozer driver)
– Georgopouloi Bros (Crane operators)

in Epitalio:

– young Vaso (singing)

in Cythera

– Captain Stamatis and his boat

Spyros Andreopoulos

Spyros Andreopoulos & the team

Nickos Sepetzoglou & eekuipoiz

Object manipulation:

Technical management:
Michalis Bouris
Pantelis Panteloglou
Dina Mavridou

Camera-Video art:
Thomas Ginis & Motus Terrae

Elefsina: Tasos Sklavounos
Poros: Miltos Athanasiou
Argos: Paris Vasilakos

Nadia Kavoulakou
Tatiana Bre
Marion Renard
Nickos Sepetzoglou
Hristos Kaoukis
Spyros Andreopoulos