You always hurt the one you love – a meeting

A couple meets. Overstepping any social convention, the two figures without any scruples, they lead themselves to an extremely violent quarrel. On the peak of their fight, they create the suitable conditions for redefining our relation with public space.

The performance deals directly with the notion of public space. Through physical action, intense sonic intervention and the choice of texts concerning the use and abuse of public space, we explore along with the spectators the meaning of ‘free expression in public space’ in our days.

You always hurt the one you love – a meeting  was presented on the 2nd International Street Theatre Festival in Athens (2011) and was awarded with the price of Best Greek Creation.

Spyros Andreopoulos

Spyros Andreopoulos – Tatiana-Anna Pitta

Director’s assistants:
Katerina Makri – Nikitas Anastopoulos

Movement material:
Spyros Andreopoulos
Tatiana – Anna Pitta,
(with the invaluable contribution of Xenia Themeli)

Tatiana – Anna Pitta
Spyros Andreopoulos