EBC Project

EBC Project is an initiative bringing to surface invisible links between localities in Europe. It is a pilot project aiming at a long-term collaboration between Motus Terrae – Centre for Arts in Public Space (Elefsina, GR), PLACCC Fesztivál (Budapest, HU) and Quarter Block Party (Cork, IR) on their shared research on public space.

On the occasion of a mini-documentary screening, the citizens of Elefsina, Budapest and Cork, discuss about the past, the present and the future of the industrial sites of their area.

The emerging dialogue between the Cronos factory, the Beamish Brewery and the industrial complex of Csepel, functions as a tool of research on the common issues of the three modern European cities. The screening is followed by a public discussion, an ideal field for exchanging opinions regarding the citizens’ worries and dreams not only about the sites’ future, but the city’s future as well.

The screening – open discussion took already place at Cork, in Quarter Block Party, in February 2016. It was the first of a series of events that will take place in Elefsina (by Motus Terrae – Centre for Arts in Public Space) and Budapest (by PLACCC Fesztival).

EBC Project works as a European link, not only between the countries and the cultural organizations involved, but also between the citizens, creating thus, a communication and connection vessel on a local and global level.

The pilot project is co-funded by the three organizations and its future aim is to creating a wider platform promoting communication and experience sharing between European cities.

The partnership initiated at the 2015 Budapest IETM meeting in Budapest, Hungary.

Main partners:

PLACCC Fesztival: a festival focusing on site-specific creation and on art in public space. It involves a variety of artistic fields such as performative and visual arts, design and architecture, as well as a platform presenting the latest national and international trends.


Quarter Block Party: a multi-disciplinary arts festival, with all-encompassing events, acts and performers.