Mixdoor Project

(the project is co-funded by Creative Europe program)

Mixdoor project is a combined intercultural initiative, a collaboration between different art forms, artists and european countries (Hungary, Croatia, Poland, France, Greece)

The need of a fresh audience approach led us to explore different expressive means of artistic creation and underline their common ground. The process of research has determined the project’s main axis: the combined use of exterior public space and the traditional indoor theatrical space. (Mixdoor = outdoor & indoor).

The below-mentioned forms of art and technology will be the main tools used in the project’s implementation:

Modern circus, Vertical dance, Site-specific creation, 3D mapping, Interactive GPS applications.

Our vision is to create a large scale performance which aims to attribute new references to public space and introduce new audience into indoor theatre. The performance is by nature, a site-specific creation, so each presentation will consist a unique event, inspired by and connected with the hosting city. Mixdoor’s main partners are: Hungarian Juggling Association (HUN), Motus Terrae (GR), Compagnie 9.81 (FR), TAK (PL), HIPP – Zagreb Dance & Movement Institute (CR).
For the project’s implementation, Motus Terrae is being actively supported by the Municipality of Eleusis, which will be hosting 2 performances and an international conference at the program’s closing (September 2016).