«the urban landscape of a dialogue on a semi-urban pedestrian street…»

A collaboration between eekuipoiz and Motus Terrae, «non ++» is an effort to place circus principles and street performance in the modern public space. An installation performance about dialogue, takes its place in the city and observes the process from a geographic point of view. As a communication channel or a focal point connecting locations. Objects, sounds and gestures are manipulated, in order to create a landscape affected by modern mobility. It was presented within the frame of MIR festival, in Athens (2008).

The performance was based on the previous eekuipoiz production, “non+”.

Concept – dramaturgy:
eekuipoiz & Motus Terrae

Installations – visual interventions:
Giorgos Maraziotis

Technical management:
Giannis Konstantakopoulos

Video art:
Spyros Andreopoulos

Laura Kuusk

Marion Renard
Hristos Kaoukis
Spyros Andreopoulos
Nadia Kavoulakou
Rahil Liapopoulou
Thanos Pritsas
Sandra Mavroidi